Model VH-MED Electrical Heigth Traction Table

Electrical Heigth Traction Table


Variable height traction tables are available with electric height control and an adjustable height mounting board for the new MED-SIS Trac-Med traction machine.


  • Variable height traction table
  • Variable height traction machine mount
  • Standard traction package components
  • Friction – free rolling top
  • Positive / negative head section
  • Remote Hand control on electric models
  • Breathing hole and plug
  • Standard retractable castors
  • Adjustable foot for uneven flooring


MED-SIS Standard Traction Package Components

  • Thoracic and pelvic harnesses
  • Counter traction straps
  • Flexion stool


  • Cervical Harness
  • Cervical Pillow


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