Model: PK200 Wireless Dynamic Balance Evaluation System

Balance Measurement



The PK 200 is the smallest, simplest and lightest dynamic balance evaluation system. It encloses some really revolutionary technology, e.g. a small silicon chip capable of detecting each single angular movement of a mobile platform, with maximum accuracy. The platform is a perfect semi-sphere, providing multi-axes angular detection. The system is equipped with 3 interchangeable variable-radius domes, enabling graduation and progressiveness of the platform’s instability factor. With no complicated mechanics, no friction and no effort involved.

The system is simply a play of perfectly balanced spherical elements just as Freeman, 40 years ago, conceived and ideated proprioceptive exercises. Light and easy to carry, the PK200 is suitable both for dynamic proprioceptive exercise of the lower limbs (it is particularly suited for sports applications) and for proprioceptive control of the trunk. As for all the Pro-Kin Line systems, each single movement is detected and recorded by the PC in real time mode, to provide both the patient and the operator with some powerful feedback data.

The Pro-Kin system software is very simple and intuitive. Provided with a number of assessment programs, it enables the operator to exactly understand the proprioceptive conditions of the patient being treated.

After an assessment phase, the software automatically suggests a series of rehabilitation tracings designed to improve the perceptive conditions of each single movement.

The rehabilitation tests and protocols that are stored inside the Patient File program function, can be called up at any moment for control and comparison testing.

Assessment Module

The Proprioceptive Assessment is the core program module of all the Pro-Kin software. This test function aims at providing the operator with an objective assessment of the patient’s perceptive conditions. By entering the patient weight and the applied load percentage into the software data, the analysis of proprioceptive control at various different levels is also possible. The system provides for global assessment (Average Trace Error “ATE” ) and for sector assessment (sector Average Trace Error “SATE”).

Flat View and Graphics Module

This program module is capable of real-time monitoring of the variations in inclination, of the applied loads and of the forces exerted on the mobile platform. The graphic representation of the detected data is displayed either by way of Cartesian coordinate axes or via the rendering of a rehabilitation tracing in flat-view mode.

Rehabilitation Tracing Module

The Rehabilitation Tracing module is particularly useful both for correct proprioceptive training sessions and for additional local check-ups. The colored spheres represent the track-end or the joint-transit points (Joint Position Sense) whilst the red line represents the ideal kinesthetic tracing. The program also provides for continuous display of the offset between the ideal kinesthetic tracing and the actual patient tracing. A particularly useful feature is the operator’s option of being able to enter a customized tracing that is perfectly suited to specific patient requirements. The entered customized tracing can be stored in the Rehabilitation Tracing module database and called up for subsequent uses.

Patient Data Module

The Patient File program module is the core of all the test data processing. In fact, both the clinical card records and all the previously fi led test data records can be managed via simple functions in a quick and intuitive manner.





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