Model Auto*Therm 391 Shortwave Diathermy Unit

Shortwave Unit


Since 1968 Mettler Electronics has produced shortwave diathermy (SWD) units that produce comforting deep heat in muscles and deep tissues. Shortwave diathermy is used to provide deep heat to areas than normally covered by other heating modalities.

The Auto*Therm 390x is a continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy. This unit can be easily moved between treatment rooms or to the patient. The 390 utilizes rubber plate capacitive electrodes as well as a coil induction drum. Capacitive electrodes are ideal for treating shallow areas and are ideal for covering a large treatment area like a leg when treating the Sciatic Nerve. The coil induction drum is designed for deep penetration. The Auto*Therm® 390x comes with an arm, inductive coil applicator, capacitive electrodes and heavy-duty cart with ample storage space.

Auto*Therm® 390x combines the ME 390 with an arm, inductive coil applicator and heavy-duty cart with ample storage space. Using this model, you will be able to choose from two different modes of application—the deep penetration of inductive coil diathermy or the shallower capacitive style with the soft-rubber plates.

Weight: 60 lbs., (27.3 kg)

Dimensions: 37 in (H) x 19 in (W) x 19 in (D), ((95 cm (H) x 48 cm (W) x 48 cm (D))

Warranty: 2 years, one year on applicators and accessories


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