CrioPac Vinyl Cold Packs

Cold packs


Criopac re-usable cold pack delivers the most effective method of applying cold therapy to a localized area.   Use packs with Medsis CP-24M chilling units.  Packs remain pliable and soft even below freezing. Pack maintains its therapeutic temperature level for up to thirty minutes. Chilled pack should be applied to treatment area using towels.

Standard Oversize Cervical Half Size
Dimensions 28*36 cm 28*53 cm 58 cm 19*28 cm
Product CrioPac CrioPac CrioPac CrioPac
Material Silica gel Silica gel Silica gel Silica gel
Cover 20 mil PVC 20 mil PVC 20 mil PVC 20 mil PVC

Standart Size Cold Pack


Oversize Cold Pack


Half Size Cold Pack


Cervical Size (neck) Cold Pack


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